STAY ALIVE / BRAINSCAN: Video Game Violence

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Plug in your virtual headset and dust off the NES for some old school Clocktower horror hounds as you join Cadaver Dogs Devin, David and Rob in this episode, Video Game Violence as we strap down some old school tech for dissection.

First up, it’s 1994 where sweaters are only worn around one’s waist. We join Edward Furlong, best known for Terminator 2, as he slashes his way through a virtual nightmare controlled by a computer game master known as the Trickster, in Brainscan directed by John Flynn. Followed by Disney’s only horror film that we can think of, 2006’s Stay Alive starring Malcom in the Middle himself Frankie Muniz and friends battling a digital witch in a haunted video game. Directed by William Brent Bell.

Up Next: THE TINGLER (1959) / THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933)

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Theme by Adam James Levin Areddy. Cover Art by Omri Kadim. Music Featured in episode: 80s Horror Synth Wave by Slasher and Royalty Free Horror Movie Synth by Haddonfield Horror.