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A mother has a hard time believing that her children are seeing ghosts until she experiences a dark figure standing over her late one night. 

Here is a preview of the story. 
“But his nightmares were progressing. He never went into detail, but my little brother Christian and I just knew they had to be scary. Eddie said every night; he would see a dark figure in the corner of the room watching him. But he described this figure to be changing its height at a fast pace, from super tall to short. He was terrified. He would keep me up at night, and I would have to calm him down he was 17 at the time & I was 14. I remember one night our parents went on a date and we were left alone in the back house, and my brothers and I all heard cups falling from the kitchen & Eddie immediately went into a panic I’ve never seen him so scared and cry so much. I went to the kitchen and saw several cups on the floor didn’t think much of it. I put the cups back and walked back into our room. As soon as I climbed into bed, we heard another cup fall. I was beyond terrified at that point, and we ran to our grandma’s house. We told our parents, and they didn’t believe us… it wasn’t until my Mom was sleeping in the living room and she swore she saw a figure standing over her.”

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