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Zombies Gone Wild – an anthology of creepypasta zombie stories for your zombietainment.

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These creepypasta tales of zombie stories told while watching the footage of Night of the Living Dead. I couldn’t do NoftLD because of FAKE copyright scammers trying to get everyone’s monetization so I’ve done things a little differently. Then, when the movie is over, we’ll all chat by the fire. Let’s start off this wonderful Halloween 2022 season with a set of fun zombie stories. Some are funny, some are serious, but all are meaty in content. Yay zombies!

Read along at the link below and get the links to the stories at:

Primordial Instinct
by Spooky Boo Rhodes

Bite of the Greasy Dead
by MakRalston

The Ending
by Theredhawk345

by Sadofreedomist

by Animedugan

Zombie Fungi
by KingStraton

by XanCrews

This Zombie Apocolypse Sucks
by Killahawke1

Background sound:
Abyss by Myuu

Movie: Night of the Living Dead, credits to George Romero. Video is in the public domain.

Commercial breaks:
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The Crumps

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Spooky Boo Rhodes is an author and a podcaster who also creates YouTube videos. She enjoys writing weird stories of the macabre similar to the prose of Stephen King but also likes to write stories that are fast-paced similar to authors like Dean Koontz. Although some of her favorite stories involve the fight between good and evil such as The Stand and The Omen, she enjoys a great vampire read from Anne Rice or some of the non-romance authors. Vampires are supposed to be scary! Boo creates YouTube videos mainly for fun and enjoys learning about all of the weird fx she can do on video when given time.

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