Spooky Boy and the Spirit Sisters

Hosted ByAustin Hathcock, Lauren Manicke, Cassidy Moore, & Amanda Kempf

(Explicit) A paranormal podcast for the strange and unusual, by the strange and unusual. The SBATSS Team talks about occult, metaphysical, parapsychological, and all things spooky on a weekly basis.

Spirits, Ghosts, and Spooky Folx

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Ghostly Greetings, Ghoulish Delights, Spooky Encounters, and Ectoplasmic Education for all! The SBATSS team discusses their ghostly experiences, different kinds of haunting, possessions, and entities.

Episode Two Notes:

Books :

Are You Possessed? Now is the Time for Divine Intervention by  Wayne Brewer 2009
The Everything Ghost Hunting Book by Melissa Martin Ellis 2009


The Full Story on Post Malone and the Cursed Box by Lauren Levy 2018


The Haunted Museum

Youtube Channels to Watch for More Information:
Wayne Brewer
Betsy-Morgan Coffman
Grant Wilson

 Northern Illinois Paranormal Investigators to check out:

3AM Xtreme Paranormal Ghost Hunting Society
Shadow Hunters
Nick Sarlow
Dale Kaczmarek

Intro/Outro Music:
Hallow’s Eve Ritual by Darren Curtis

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