Spirits Around The Baby | Best of RGSO

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A family moves into a house that they suspect may be haunted, only to find out the depth of the haunting after a new child enters into the picture.

Here is a preview of the story.

“When my parents first moved in, they did notice noises such as footsteps going up and down the stairs. Regardless they were excited to be in their first home. Soon after, my mother told me they started having more intense experiences. Such as having their bed begin to shake during the night. It was something they could not find any logical explanation for. Both of my parents are of strong Christian faith and had their pastor come and do a blessing of the home. The activity would then settle down.
In November of that same year, my brother was born. My mother told me that it was not long after my brother was born that the activity in the home started up again. For some reason, the bulk of the activity in the house was centered around my brother’s room. “

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