Special Guest Sonia Lewis Discusses BLM,Anti-Racism, and Inclusivity

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Special Guest Sonia Lewis: Influencer, Entrepreneur, Educator, Activist, and the Founder of Ascribe Educational Consulting, LLC Discusses The Necessity of  Anti-Racism and Inclusivity.   Sonia Lewis is a mother, wife, influencer, entrepreneur, educator, and the President and Founder of Ascribe Educational Consulting, LLC.    Sonia’s advocacy for social justice and equality started at the early age of seven, when she refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because she didn’t see “liberty and justice for all,” especially for those who looked like her, her family, and her community.    Earning her degrees in History and Psychology, along a Master’s in Education, Sonia spent nearly twenty (20) years educating our country’s youth.   She established ASCRIBE Educational Consulting, LLC and EDIFY Humanity 501c3 to further her goals of eradicating systemic racism while asking the tough questions, facing uncomfortable truths, and building on equity driven outcomes.   

Lewis advocates that in order to build a future that is anti-racist, equity needs to be at the center of the equation.    I am so grateful to have Sonia on the show to engage in meaningful dialogue so that we as a society can become better aware of the current plight of our most marginalized and disenfranchised members.   In order to create a more kind, just and loving future with equality, liberty and justice for ALL, we must shed the scourge of hatred, discrimination, and bigotry, and racism, and fashion an inclusive paradigm where “WE THE PEOPLE” truly means and incorporates  “EVERYONE.”   

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FB/IG: @ASCRIBEsuccess

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