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What if you were never taught limitations as a child, what would your life be like now? Would it be different? What if you grew up knowing whatever you wanted to accomplish in life would just happen? Simply by putting the intention out into the Universe it would manifest itself into your life. Would you be in a different career? Would you be happier? Sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it? I would like to introduce you to Soul DNA. Built into your Soul DNA is the knowledge of how to bring into your life everything that you desire. In your natural state of existence it is common knowledge.

When you read Soul DNA it will open your mind, helping you to understand endless possibilities.

“Limits are not understood by your Soul DNA, the Universe and Spirit does not understand limitations… PEOPLE invented limitations!” ~ Jennifer O’Neill

On this show I am going to talk about the book “Soul DNA” and why I wrote it. I will also be taking calls and answering questions. So join me for a very informative show!!!