SONIC SUMMERSTOCK DOUBLE-FEATURE: Dark Journey & The Thing in the Window

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Another thrilling entry from Sonic Summerstock 2021! Rachel Pulliam and Dream Realm Enterprises bring you an exciting double-feature from the classic SUSPENSE radio series and renowned radio writer Louise Fletcher. “Dark Journey” tells of Alice, who ventures to New York with her friend, Anne, to try and win back her beau, but Alice becomes increasingly frightened by Anne’s ability to make things happen simply by wishing for them. In “That Thing in the Window,” a man is disturbed when he cannot stop seeing the figure of a man in his neighbor’s apartment. SOLE TWIN AUDIO


Dark Journey Alice: Rhiannon McAfee  Anne: Kristy Glick   The Thing in the Window Martin Ames: Pete Lutz   Mary: Eleiece Krawiec  Mr. Hanson: Glenn Hascall   Miss Landis: Margaret Ashley   Sergeant: Jerry Kokich   Vivian Landis: Holly Stevenson   Ronald: John Bell    Announcer: Bruce Busby Music by Dr. Ross Bernhardt