Something Weird

Hosted ByAnna and Brooke

(Explicit) Paranormal storytime gets wild as ~super professional~ hosts, Anna Mischke and Brooke Miller, share tales of the paranormal, creepy, and sometimes... just a little bit weird. 👻

We're two lifelong friends with an affinity for the strange. Here we explore stories, some paranormal goldies fabled and well-loved, others hidden under rocks and dug out from the archives.

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something weird ep. 6 | Cash Cow Vivisection Pt. 1 – Mutilations of the Alien Kind

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Skillful surgery – perhaps even with lasers? Fancy chaff boxes? Snippy ponies named Snippy, for a reason? Lots of horrified silence from Brooke?

Get some weirdy instances of animal mutilation (deliberate or not) and what….or who….is going down in McD’s farm. It’s all in this week’s part 1 episode of something weird, your favorite paranormal podcast hosted by ~super professional~ paranormal researchers, Anna and Brooke, as we explore another paranormal tale and decide – do we believe?

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