something weird ep. 57: Bountiful Bones in Le Catacombs w. Truth or Theory Podcast

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What happens when you get two podcasts and four hosts together to talk about the Paris Catacombs? 👹 What’s the deal with the 7 million + sets of bones down there and where’d they all come from? Are selfie-taking tourists and kids running amok the only thing going wild in the endless tunnels under Paris…or something more sinister? ☠️ Which actress/actor would play Brooke and Anna in the something weird movie? We’re sharing a special episode this week with some good times with E Willy and J.P. from the Truth or Theory Podcast as we guested on their show, went through some catacombs history, and jammed through some trivia 🛸

It’s all in this week’s episode of something weird, your favorite paranormal podcast hosted by ~super professional~ paranormal researchers, Anna and Brooke, as we explore another paranormal tale and decide – do we believe?

Find us on Instagram at @somethingweirdpocast or visit our website for once in a while updates 🛸 and make sure to hop on over to the Truth or Theory Podcast and lend them your ears!

Stay weirdy!

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