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Happy Halloween Boils & Ghouls!

As usual we are bringing you some SPOOKY SCARY STORIES to send chills down your spine and to raise your electricity bill for all the LIGHTS you’ll have to keep on!  It’s time for LISTENER GHOST STORIES!! 

This week we have ghosts, djinn, alien abductions, murders, and even a mysterious phone call… from beyond??  But most importantly… this week we have Handsome Joe.  That’s right for the FIRST TIME ever we are welcoming a guest into the SACRED SPACE that is Listener Ghost Stories and who better to invite in than the loud, angry, handsome personality we all know and love.

We thought it would be fun to try and creep Joey out this week and boy did we ever succeed.  He gasps, he grunts, he screams and he even kicks a woman in the face… eh you’ll just have to listen to find out.

As usual LGS are best when listening through a set of HEADPHONES and WARNING: there are sound effects that may be jarring so if you are listening and driving or slicing or operating heavy machinery– be aware.


The music in the episode is provided by Vivek Abishek, White Bat Audio and Kevin Macleod.