Social Media and Censorship | Case File 231 | Bill Ottman

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When the founding members of the United States Congress wrote into law the protection of citizens’ right to free speech it would be seen as a great step forward for the fledgling democracy. They could not possibly have foreseen that their ideals would be put to the test not only in the printed word but within the realm of cyberspace, as well. The shifting of political discourse and the dissemination of information from the traditional media outlets into the mostly wide-open forums of social media has taxed the definitions of protected speech greatly. With AI algorithms scraping up your data points, slamming the doors on perceived misinformation and bot activity, and large platforms stumbling attempts to rein in extremists and hate speech, the internet seems to be taking a strange turn from the largely unfettered freedom of its early days. This case file, join the Theorists as they discuss the battle of the social media giants, big data, and ultimate UFO disclosure with the co-founder and CEO of the fast-growing alternative social media site…Bill Ottman

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