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Witness Report: A a good friend of mine was working in the United States in a town called Aspen Colorado. To cut a long story short, he invited me over from the UK to stay with him and do some boarding in the Mountains while I was there. It was the week before Thanksgiving 2006 when I arrived in Colorado and I found out when I met my friend that the ski area wasnt open at that point sadly. I was pretty bummed out about it but my friend told me not to worry about the lack of boarding as he had bought a snowmobile and we could still get out and enjoy the snow. When he picked me up from Aspen airport Id already seen that he had bought a new big GM 4 wheel drive truck.

I stopped at the bend to get my bearings and I noticed someone walking up the path towards me but at a distance of about a quarter of a mile away. I squinted into the darkening evening wondering what I was looking at. At first I thought it was a Bear as ‘it’ was big and ‘it’ was moving quickly. Whatever I was seeing moved with a slope of a walk, a kind of a shaggy walk like on the cartoon Scooby Do. I quickly realised ‘it’ wasn’t a Bear. I thought ‘it’ looked like a big man wearing a large over coat or a crombie coat with the collar turned up.

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