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Dive into the mystifying world of Bigfoot Society Podcast as we welcome back Alex, the intriguing retired Salvation Army Pastor from Episode 242. Be prepared for a jaw-dropping revelation about his multiple Skinwalker encounters and their shocking connection to his time in Klawock, Alaska.

In this unmissable episode, Alex unveils a series of spine-tingling experiences: witnessing an older gentleman morph into a coyote in Littleton, Colorado back in 2002; coming across a camo-clad, faceless man who vanished into thin air; and observing a gargantuan dire wolf that astonishingly transformed into a bat right before his very eyes.

But that’s not all! Alex also shares a riveting secondhand tale about a gentleman’s close encounter with a gorilla-like creature in the awe-inspiring Glacier National Park in Montana.

Don’t miss this thrilling episode of the Bigfoot Society Podcast, as Alex takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the enigmatic world of the unexplained!

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