Skinwalker Ranch: The Art of the Story | 100

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We’re makin’ a home out on the range in this special 100TH edition of Hysteria 51! What do you get when you cross aliens, ghosts, shapeshifters, disembodied voices, cattle mutilations, and more? The only topic worthy of our 100th episode – SKINWALKER RANCH. What would cause a normal family to abandon their dream of owning a cattle ranch? How can so much weird stuff happen in one place? Why would a billionaire buy the ranch? We saddle up and go in search of the truth this week. Plus, we take a fond look back at our first episode, hear what Conspiracy Bot used to sound like, and re-address the altimeter situation. So, grab your horse and come along on the podcast that is celebrating 100 episodes and not one death (that we know of) – Hysteria 51.

Link for the website we found that might or might not be The Adamantium Holdings that owns Skinwalker:

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