Simulation Theory: Are We Living In The Matrix? | 34

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Is reality real? Or could we be living in a computer simulation? Simulation theory proponents (from Elon Musk to Neil DeGrasse Tyson) claim that we are living in a Simulated Reality and are blissfully unaware. But what does that mean? Are we just a bad version of the Sims on some 14 year old’s computer in the future? Or, could this just be the next step in our understanding of the universe – a place where science and religion could one day meet? Spoiler alert, we don’t know but we drink and argue about it nonetheless. Plus, the best ways to lose weight in a simulation, Conspiracy Bot is weaponized, and a special tribute to the late and great Alan Thicke (show us that smile again!). All of that and more on the show that knows there is no spoon, and THAT, that’s why we always grab a fork – Hysteria 51.

Special thanks to The Simulation Hypothesis from Fair Wind Films. Much of today’s research came from this great doc –

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