The Saucer Life

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The Saucer Life is a podcast exploring the history and lore of flying saucer and UFO culture, running the gamut from Contactees to the Men In Black and from Underground Bases to Abductions.

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Bonus Encounter 2: I Spoke with an Earth-Man!

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A quickie that got left on the cutting room floor from Encounter 203 and Encounter 204. It’s a Contactee story in reverse from the pages of Nexus and you’ll probably recognize at least one of the characters. And yes, Melvin Morbid sounds like

Will the real OH KRILL Please Stand Up?

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The Thin Lines between Hoaxes and Disinformation Campaigns

Bonus Encounter 1: A History of UFO Crashes

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This is the talk I gave on September 30 at the 50th Anniversary Festival commemorating the Shag Harbour UFO Incident in Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia. A few notes. First, the ending is a bit rushed and lacking detail near the end. For reasons beyond my contro