The Night Club

Hosted ByTravis Maxel Boone

(Explicit) Imagine yourself driving down a long stretch of deserted highway in the countryside at night, searching with your radio dial for someone or something to keep you company, when through the static haze of a far off AM station you hear a broadcast straight from the underworld. Welcome to The Night Club! Inspired by the overnight paranormal radio program Coast To Coast AM, horror host of Monstervision and The Last Drive-In Joe Bob Briggs and podcasts like Tell Em' Steve-Dave, Say You Love Satan, Exploding Heads and The Wat Zee Party, creator/editor/host Travis Maxel Boone takes you on a haunted ride through the dark bowers of man's domain.
So far the podcast has covered topics such as shadow people, ancient cannibalistic gods, the horrifying Fermi Paradox, our history-spanning fear of the date Friday the 13th and the legend of the wendigo. We've also reviewed and discussed horror films in a scene by scene breakdown know as a Midnight Ritual. You can find a complete list of those films in our blog: Midnight Codex. Along with horror subgenre deep dives, horror fiction and poetry, we also explore the menacing underbelly of rock music in black and death metal.
On most episodes TMB is a Solo Practitioner, usually discussing a spine tingling topic before performing a Midnight Ritual. When joined by a cohost such as Angel or Ricky, or a guest perhaps, the episode becomes a Coupling but when three or more people commune on the show they are a Coven. These episodes are more conversational and wild but remain trve kvlt and most definitely embrace the darkness.

Remember the decay in the dust and stars...
Stay spooky...

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