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(Explicit) We're a paranormal/true crime/supernatural podcast about all the scary and terrifying things that make you say NOPE! Join your tour guides, Christine and Jen, every Sunday as they take you on an all-inclusive tour through the city of Nopeville!

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Haunting Hour with Mike Ricksecker

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On this episode of Haunting Hour, we are joined by author, parnormal researcher, filmmaker, and U.S. Navy Veteran Mike Ricksecker. Mike has been featured on media like History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and The UnXplained, Travel Channel’s The Alaska…

Christmas Ghost Stories

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Tourists! The year has come to another end and we’re very appreciative of our Tourists old and new. We are putting out the call to bring back the Victorian tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas, so we got…

Halloween Q&A

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Happy Halloween, Tourists! On this special episode, we ask each other Halloween related questions so maybe you can get to know your Tour Guides a little better. We hope you enjoy!

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Nopeville Green Room – Haunted Houses

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Welcome to another installation of our Nopeville Greenroom series where we have a casual conversation about a spooky topic. Today, we are discussing Haunted Houses, and no, not the kind for paranormal investigators, but the commerical ones like…

070 – Japanese Folklore Tour – Okiku and Amanojaku

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We go back to Japan on this tour and take you to visit a couple of yokai. First, we head to Himeji Castle where we encounter the vengeful spirit of Okiku, as well as the mysterious Osakabehime. Next, we take you into the dark tale of the Amanojaku….

Haunting Hour with Richard Sugg

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For this Haunting Hour episode, we are joined by Dr. Richard Sugg, a paranormal researcher and author. He shares many tales of poltergeists, reincarnation, and much more during our discussion. Some of his work includes books such as A Century of Ghost…

Nopeville Green Room – Classic Horror Movies

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Welcome to another installation of our Nopeville Greenroom series where we have a casual conversation about a spooky topic. Today, we are discussing classic horror movies, and by classic, we mean horror movies pre our birth (1988). Come sit and chat…

Nopeville Green Room – Horror Video Games

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We’re back, Tourists! This is the first episode of our new segment, “Nopeville Green Room,” where we have conversations about all the things that make you say NOPE! Today, we are joined again by our friend, podcast host of Killin’ Missin’ Hidden, and…

069 – The Whaley House Tour Paranormal Investigation

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Welcome back to the Whaley House! In this tour, we talk about common hauntings associated with the Whaley House as well as our own personal experiences we’ve had while touring the house and during our own paranormal investigations.

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Haunting Hour with Nick Groff

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Hello, Tourists! We have a special Haunting Hour segment for you today! We have had the privilege of speaking with famed paranormal investigator, Nick Groff! You may know him as former host and executive producer of Ghost Adventures, who then went on…

Nopeville Promo Trailer

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Welcome to Nopeville! A city where all the horrors that make you say NOPE are rumored to have gathered and made their home. Join your guides, Christine and Jen, on an all inclusive tour as they introduce you to your worst nightmares!

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068 – The Whaley House Tour Haunted History

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Welcome to the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego! Thomas Whaley was a pioneer of San Diego and played a major role in the local community as an avid businessman. He built his beautiful home for himself and his family in 1857, where it continues to…

Darkcast Halloween Sleepover

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Happy Halloween, Tourists! The Darkcast Network is filled with amazing indie podcasts with a dark side. From dark science, dark history, crime, conspiracies, missing persons cases, and MORE! This Halloween, many of these podcasts, including yours…

Campfire Stories 012

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After conducting so many tours, your tour guides have noticed that the city of Nopeville has become…unruly. The residents are thirsty for tourists, and so, for your safety, we’re having a lovely little campfire just on the outskirts of the city. We…

067 – Fact and Fiction: Keanu Reeves Tour

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Hello, Tourists! Today, we’re going to talk about two movies where Keanu Reeves plays characters in stories that were based off of real life true crime events, and then we dive into a couple movies involving fictional true crime stories. First, we…

066 – The Winchester Bestiary Tour – Rougarou

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Welcome back to the Winchester Bestiary! Today, we head down south to the bayou of Louisiana where we take you to see the Rougarou of Cajun folklore and we also see how Sam and Dean handled one in Supernatural. Be wary of the bayou at night, Tourists,…

065 – Paranormal Investigation of the Cosmopolitan Hotel Tour

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Your Tour Guides had the opportunity to do a second paranormal investigation of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Old Town San Diego. On this tour, we share our experiences with the very active spirit that was present in room 4/5. Check out our previous tour…

Campfire Stories: Haunting Hour 001

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Welcome to our Campfire Stories: Haunting Hour where we interview real life paranormal investigators as they tell us their experiences with the paranormal. We are joined by paranormal investigators Josh and Jamey from Coldspot Paranormal Research….

064 – Frightening Film Fathers Tour

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Happy belated Father’s Day, Tourists! Today, we return to the Nopeville Sinema in celebration of Father’s Day and take a look at some Frightening Film Fathers. We look through The Shining, The Loved Ones, The Stepfather, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre….

Drunk Ghost Adventures

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Special release of exclusive Patreon content! If you’d like to hear more content like this, sign up for our Patreon!

This month we check out an episode of Ghost Adventures from season 2, way back with the baby baby ghost hunters! In the eighth…