Let’s Get Haunted

Hosted ByAly Terry & Nat Strawn

(Explicit) Let's Get Haunted is an all-female, independent podcast produced, written, and edited completely by two best friends.

What began as a hobby with a mere 5,000 streams per month in 2019, has now turned into a loving community of misfits, hellbent on tackling the dark side of the world together, a million streams strong worldwide.

While the subject matter of Let's Get Haunted focuses around the paranormal, the "Haunted Fam" - as its community is called - channels its energy into creating positivity out of "haunted" (aka negative) situations.

Each episode centers around an intriguing mystery in history from around the world. Past episodes have featured a wide variety of guests and interviews with experts such as scientists, ex-CIA operatives, professors, comedians, and Company CEOs.

Before diving into the juicy topic at hand, co-hosts Aly and Nat kick off each episode with banter about their personal lives and things that matter to them that week, a segment coined "personal hauntings". Despite any misfortunes or frustrations the week has brought about, LGH seeks to find the humor in any situation and inspire a wider audience to get involved with issues that are important to them in their communities.

Above all, LGH seeks to remind the world that, though we're all a little bit haunted on the inside (we all have our trials and demons to overcome), that doesn't mean that we can't pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and soldier on.

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Episode 170.5: Listener Stories #25

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This is the episode where our Haunties (aka listeners) write in with their first-person spooky tales of cryptids, ghosts, curses, aliens, and more!

Episode 170: The Phantom Time Conspiracy

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The Phantom Time Conspiracy posits that the years known colloquially as “The Middle Ages” never even happened and we are currently living in the 1700s. Why would someone want to fake a time period? Listen to find out!

Episode 169: The Green Children of Woolpit

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Sometime in the 12th Century in the English village of Woolpit, a farmer stumbled upon two orphaned children at the edge of his property. This in and of itself might not have been so strange, had it not been for the fact that both children were sporting completely green skin. The children spoke in a language no locals could understand, and said they came from a distant land where it was twilight all the time. Who were these two foreign siblings? Did they even exist at all? Join us as we explore the story of “The Green Children of Woolpit”.

BONUS! Season 5 Finale Q&A

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Welcome to the Season 5 Finale Q&A Episode, Haunties! Join Nat & Aly as they unbox fan mail, recap the season, and answer the questions that YOU submitted! LGH wishes everyone who has been a part of our 2023 a very happy holiday season and an even better New Year. We’ll see you all in February 2024 for the Season 6 Premiere!

Episode 168: The Denver Airport Conspiracy

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There are talking gargoyles popping out of suitcases above the baggage claim, gigantic murals depicting world domination, secret codes etched in the floor, rumors of underground bunkers for the global elite, and even a demon horse with glowing red eyes known as “Bluecifer”! What exactly is going on at Denver International Airport?

Episode 167: Krampus & Other Alpine Folklore (+ Real Life Krampus Sightings!)

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Alright, ya’ll, it’s time to get haunted AF…winter holiday style. Join Nat & Aly as Aly tells Nat about how haunted the Alpine Region of Europe is. Topics from today’s episode include: Glacier corpses, Devil landmarks, mountain demons, the Tatzelwurm, the Faeries of Val Gerina, and his highness, The Krampus! This episode also includes FIRST-HAND SIGHTINGS of Krampus from around the world, as told to Aly by the people who experienced them. You get extra Hauntie points if you made it to the end of this super-sized episode.

Episode 165.5: Listener Stories #24

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This is the episode where our Haunties (aka listeners) write in with their first-person spooky tales of cryptids, ghosts, curses, aliens, and more! Listener stories from this week’s episode include: a boyfriend doppelgänger, flailing corpses, ADHD synchronicities, horrible haunted exes, out-of-body experiences, janitor ghosts and voices on baby monitors. Some of the listeners whose stories are featured in this episode include: Gillian M., James A., Brooke R., Julia M., Laura P., Anonymous, Jennifer B., Wendy, Ginn R., and Emily J.!

Episode 165: The Codex Gigas aka “The Devil’s Bible” Feat. Heart Starts Pounding

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This week, Nat & Aly are joined by Kaelyn Moore, the host of Heart Starts Pounding, to discuss one of the scariest medieval texts of all time: The Devil’s Bible. With a dark and twisted origin story and a creepy full-page illustration of the Devil himself appearing halfway through the book, many people – from kings to monks to librarians – have gone insane, and even died, in its presence. What is The Codex Gigas and what makes it so horrifying? Join us as Kaelyn helps Aly tell Nat the absolutely spell-binding story of The Devil’s Bible.

Episode 164: The Creepy House that Haunted Britney Spears and Killed Brittany Murphy

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Britney Spears sold the home after two spirits attempted to push her down the stairs. Brittany Murphy begged to sleep at a hotel instead… what evil lurked within the walls of this beautiful Hollywood Hills home?

05: What’s Haunting You? (Alternate Timelines, Doppelgänger Encounters)

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On this week’s episode: a Canadian woman driving down the highway at night experiences a glimpse into an alternate timeline. Then, an Australian woman has a terrifying encounter with her doppelgänger in a bar.

04: What’s Haunting You? (Familial Hauntings)

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In this final installment of our special miniseries, we hear from 3 different Haunties who all experienced a haunting within their family. First we hear from Ellie, who was haunted along with her father in a 200 year old home. Next we hear from Sarah, who experienced the after effects of an exorcism while abroad with her dad on a mission trip. Finally, El explains how she learned a childhood gargoyle nightmare was actually a shared family experience.

Episode 162: Werewolves of 17th century Europe feat. A Paranormal Chicks

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In this triple werewolf treat, we learn about a trio of werewolves who each met a tragic end. Listen to hear the stories of “Thiess of Kaltenbrun: The Livonian Werewolf”, “The Werewolf of Bedburg: The Ghost Werewolf”, and finally, “The Werewolf of Ansbach.”

03: What’s Haunting You? (Alien Abductions & the Ghosts of War)

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On this week’s episode: a man awakes one evening to find three orbs circling above his head. Then, a marine veteran shares a tale of a ghost that followed him home from the battlefield. Come join us on this trip through the LGH archives as we dare to answer the question, “What’s haunting you?”

Episode 161: Paranormal Games to Play in the Dark, Volume 5 feat. Monsters Among Us

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Welcome to Episode 161: Paranormal Games to Play in the Dark, Volume 5! What better way to continue celebrating the spooky season than by playing games with deathly consequences? Come on this journey as Aly regales Nat and special guest Derek Hayes of the hit paranormal podcast show “Monster’s Among Us” with the rules and possible outcomes for two popular supernatural games played by folks around the world: “The Witch’s Window” and “Cara Melihat Kembaran Gaib Kita” aka “How to See Your Occult Twin”.

Episode 160.5: Listener Stories #23

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Listener stories from this week’s episode include: a ghost cat, the cremation of a grandmother, a blood magic ritual with terrifying consequences, a wet dead woman pacing around a room, a strange sidewalk encounter with the Hat Man, the Barranquilla Body Snatchers, a ghost woman who tickles people while screaming, cosmic coincidences, and accidental time travel.

01: What’s Haunting You? (Irish Fae, British Humanoids)

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On this week’s episode: An Irish woman named Katrina goes on a walk in a forest and gets tricked by the Fae. Then, a British man named Karl encounters a humanoid in his childhood home.

Episode 160: The Haunting of Bhangarh Fort Feat. Real Life Ghost Stories

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India’s Bhangarh Fort is rumored to be so haunted that even the Indian government has forbidden entry to visitors after sunset. For those brave enough to enter, tragedy and bad luck are certain to follow… but why is this fort so tormented? Listen to find out!