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With 20+ years of experience Sasquatch Researchers Reggie Byrd and Paul Bowen try to persuade skeptics and grow the Bigfoot community. The team pursues an answer to the ultimate Bigfoot real? The duo discuss various Sasquatch topics including recent sightings, interviews with witnesses about their Sasquatch sightings, as well as talking with experts.

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Episode 4: What the existence of the Bili Ape means for Bigfoot

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In this episode Paul and Reggie discuss the Bili Ape aka Bondo Mystery Ape and what it could mean for the existence of Bigfoot.
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Episode 3: We answer common Bigfoot questions

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In this podcast episode, we answer common questions about Bigfoot and even refute common objections.
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Episode 2: Our Bigfoot experience with Dr. Jeff Meldrum & Cliff Barackman

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On Episode 2 of Destination Sasquatch, Reggie and Paul recount an encounter with Bigfoot while Squatching with Dr Jeff Meldrum and Cliff Barackman in the Blue Mountains above Walla Walla, WA. 
Reggie and Paul have been fortunate to befriend amazing r…

Our Introduction and Bigfoot Background

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In this episode Paul Bowen and Reggie Byrd introduce themselves discussing their background and how they met. Throughout the episode they discuss their fascination with Bigfoot and what will be discussed in future episodes.