Ain’t it Scary? with Sean & Carrie

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(Explicit) He’s skeptical. She’s spooky. Together they explore the unknown, unsolved, unbelievable, and just plain weird.

With a shared passion for history and the truth, Sean & Carrie realized they could bring their different perspectives to the world of crime, the paranormal, and the inexplicable.

Sean’s sharp eye on the logical and Carrie’s open mind to the unexplainable combine in every episode for an informative hour with a lighter touch.

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Ep. 127: Mysterious Sounds

Spread the loveHave you ever heard anything that you couldn’t explain?...

Ep. 120: Gloria Ramirez, “The Toxic Lady”

Spread the loveOn February 19th, 1994, 31-year-old Gloria Ramirez was rushed...