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In a news headline, it stated that July 4th, 2023 was Earth’s Hottest Day In Over 100,000 Years—Breaking Record For 2nd Day In A Row. Do climate scientists expect us to believe there is a daily global temperature record going back 125,000 years and that on July 4th, the Earth experienced its highest universal temperature ever? Official data shows the world passed its peak temperatures 10 years ago but that does not stop the mainstream media and unscrupulous politicians from feeding the public fear-driven propaganda along with the ambitious plans to geoengineer the planet. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with the founder of geoengineeringwatch.org, Dane Wigington about CLIMATE CRINGE – SELF FULFILLING BLACK SUN PROPHECY. #GroundZero #ClydeLewis #Geoengineering


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