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On July 21, two movies open together – Oppenheimer and Barbie. Although they may appear to have divergent storylines, they will simultaneously gauge the current cultural temperature of America. The box office is going to show whether or not the country is willing to pay big money to get away into fantasy land or, the darker story of what brought us into the atomic age. Barbie explores themes of appearances vs. reality; of course, we live in a world of hyperreality and things are not as they seem while Oppenheimer is going to shake us into reality by showing us the power of what can be the end of civilization. The pink world is about to fade to black and who knows what film will win the competition for social engineering and predictive programming. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Ryan Gable about BARBIE – THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS. #GroundZero #ClydeLewis #Barbie #Oppenheimer


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