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A recent article suggests that Vladimir Putin is being guided by Russian occultist, Aleksandr Dugin, who is said to have an obsession with Nazis and the Apocalypse. It certainly is an interesting parapolitical and paranormal accusation but keep in mind that claims such as these may be based on a kernel of truth and as we know in occult history, the hidden hand usually plays a part in decisions of war and worldwide oppression. The idea of a so-called “Russputin” might be something to consider as we know that stories of Nancy Reagan seeking an astrologer’s guidance and possible Voodoo rituals being done at the Obama White House are matters of record. There are many stories that leave you wondering if our leaders are part of some destructive cabal that takes their marching orders from the devil himself. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with astrologer and esoteric researcher, Robert Phoenix about RUSSPUTIN.


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