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A Russian missile cruiser sunk after an explosion on Good Friday. The ship may have carried a holy relic, a fragment of the “True Cross of Christ.” It may have also been carrying two nuclear warheads. Some people are considering this God’s punishment for an occult war crime against Ukraine. Meanwhile, it was reported in Kyiv that the statue of Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Ukraine was vandalized. These very powerful religious symbols are empowered on a holiday when Christians remember the blood atonement of Jesus Christ and the crucifixion. Synchronicities are everywhere with regards to this war; so many that one has to wonder if modern magic is to blame and empowered sigils are being used in order to allegedly protect those who wish to carry out their crimes. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with Ken Jeremiah, researcher and author of historical and religious phenomena, about OCCULT WAR CRIMINALS.


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