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The end times, Armageddon, alien invasion, nuclear war, and maybe even the rapture have returned to the realm of dinner table conversation, weighing on the minds of the public more than it has in a generation. We are now seeing the threat of a long war in the holy land, the place where the last battle between good and evil is supposed to take place. There is no question that we are headin’ for Armageddon — one of the many that have happened in history and if you are prepared and ready for new challenges, you may even survive a near-extinction event. This is why we are told to use wisdom and endure to the end. Tonight on Ground Zero, Clyde Lewis talks with pastor, author, and prophecy teacher, Paul Begley about HEADIN’ 4 ARMAGEDDON. #GroundZero #ClydeLewis #Armageddon #Prophecy #Israel #EndTimes


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