She swapped her life for mine – An absolute giant of a Creature that was as Black as the night sky

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As you listen to what Rob had to go through, put yourself in his shoes. What would you have done that night. I found the answer to that really easy, Im choosing survival, so I would have done exactly what Rob did and got myself home safe.

I have only deleted the area and the words are Roberts own. I have left his name for the friendly creatures as ‘Sash’, as thats what Rob called them and I feel it is important to keep the report as correct as possible, with no interference from me.

Witness Report RM,: Before I proceed, I will share with you the location of my experience, but I’m not so sure you should share it with everyone else. I don’t want anyone to go looking for them and get themselves hurt, because I believe I was very lucky to walk away from my experience. Firstly I would like to thank you, for providing a platform for people to be able to speak about experiences they have had. And I have an experience to share, hopefully yourself or one of your support crew will be able to fully understand what happened and help me get to grips with it all.

The experience was wonderful and terrible, magnificent yet mortifying. Something that will stay with me till the day I take my last breath. When I tell you what happened, I want you to take into account that there are some parts of the event that are still a little hazy/dream-like, almost unreal, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have struggled to believe it. But I’ll try my best to express what I saw, how I felt, and what transpired.

It all happened on the second weekend of April 2021.