Sex With Aliens? Is the CIA Training Spy Cats? (Guest) Olivia from Kid Nation, Steve Gets a Pet Duck?

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This very special Valentine’s Day episode, Emmy takes on a story she’s been waiting to tell for ages: Elizabeth Klarer and her lover from outer space. Yup that’s right, we’re talking alien sex this week. Then, Steve and Emmy talk to Olivia from Kid Nation about what it’s like to be a child star, the unlikely friendships she’s maintained after the show, and what those kids we’ve come to love were really like on set. Then, Steve closes us out with the life — and very strange death — of the cat who worked with for the CIA. Oh, and he also shares with us a very special PowerPoint about why he deserves a pet duck. Want to hear more of Olivia’s story from her time on Kid Nation? Check out her book here.

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