Severed Feet Found in the UK – Three mystery feet discovered in Bath & other cases

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A Third Human Foot Is Found In Bath 6/8/2016 – The Independent newspaper released an article stating Police are ‘keeping an open mind’ as to whether the foot found on 6/8/2016 is linked to two previous severed foot discoveries in February and July of that year, the earlier feet were found separately but the police declared that the finds were not suspicious. The severed human foot was found in a garden of a house in Bath, the third of its kind to be discovered in the area that year.

The body part was found in Cranwells Park in the north west of the historic city, according to Avon and Somerset Police, who have sent it for forensic analysis. Police say they are keeping an “open mind” as to whether a foot found in a garden is linked to two previous discoveries nearby. All three feet were found within a few hundred yards of each other. The first foot was discovered under a bush by a dog walker in Weston Park East in February – and pathologists were stumped at its lack of DNA.