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I always start the spirit messages with the intention that the spirit world knows who will be tuning in and that I bring at least a phrase or message that resonates with each of those people. For September, the first word that came through was clarity. This ended up being a common thread throughout the whole episode. Themes of identity, awareness and connection will be strong for this month, but it all relies on us finding clarity in what we need to change, and what we desire for the rest of 2022. 

There are lots of exciting things happening in Spirit School in September! The Initiation, my 8 Week Mediumship Foundations Experience, starts on the 14th. To support the different ways adults learn, The Initiation includes self study, live classes, a community, and practice sessions! 

In the Spirit School Collective, we will be focusing on grief. Penny, one of my students, will be talking about end-of-life doula work and sharing about her practice. Alyssa Pressman, a certified grief counselor, will talk about holding space for grief. There will be time to explore case studies in this session as I feel it is important to understand how to implement this if we are working with the public in this vulnerable work.I will also be starting our new schedule with my Friday classes which will begin with a guided visualization, followed by practice exercises or Q&A sessions. These will offer a variety of experiences and I am excited for the new format!   

As always, our free Spirit School community is open and active, offering a space for you to connect with like-minded people in a supportive environment. I look forward to connecting with you!    .


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In this episode:

  • My intention is for  the world of spirit bring through messages for those who are drawn to listen
  • The first insight is gaining clarity in September on how we spend our days
  • We were blessed after the past few years to be busy following the next passion this summer
  • September will be a time to slow down and find clarity on how to finish the year
  • Clarity is not always easy and may include experiencing what we don’t like
  • Through some turmoil, we may find we have been settling in some areas of life
  • It’s more about clarity on what we desire than making future plans
  • You may even feel the desire to move if where you are doesn’t resonate
  • The Third Eye card echoes getting clarity on changes for the rest of the year
  • Tune into how you feel and familiar patterns that you desire to change
  • What were the circumstances the last time you felt how you desire to feel now?
  • Lack of clarity may actually be clarity in itself
  • The world and spirit are talking to you in every interaction, no matter how mundane
  • For spiritual evolution, it is the uncomfortable situations that bring the most growth
  • Reframe these as experiences gifted to us to find clarity
  • September can be a new year when kids go back to school and new routines are created
  • You can get clear on what brings you joy if you pay attention to the mundane
  • Awareness is the second word for September
  • Spirit is not asking us to take action, but to take stock of our desires
  • There won’t be time to find clarity during the last 3 months of 2022
  • We need to release the things we feel chained to out of devotion, especially work
  • We are uncovering a deeper, holistic sense of identity outside of how we make money
  • Some of this clarity will be around how we identify ourselves in the world
  • There is an imbalance of overgiving in our lives
  • Find clarity on what receiving is for you, whether that is quiet time or social time
  • Social time may seem more taxing, but gathering in equal exchange is fulfilling
  • Being forced online for so long has made us lose the depth of humanity in people
  • The way people present themselves is not always their truest sense
  • The world could use a lot more compassion, which comes from deep connection
  • We need to release the story that connecting creates a deficit for us
  • Fitting in is an illusion since we are each so vastly different
  • Look for places you feel expanded and like yourself
  • Document the clarity and joy you receive with pen and paper for when you forget
  • We think experiences are not worth documenting if they aren’t for social media
  • We used to fill journal pages with our stories before technology
  • Even the mundane can be read with fondness later
  • It’s time to start living our lives for ourselves once more
  • We can be powerful in many different areas of our lives
  • When we get clear on our identity, deep harmonious friendships come in 
  • Connecting to people may be more of a driving force than abundance
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the slowness of September, look at that