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Seeking Witchcraft (w/ guest Ashley of Seeking Witchcraft Podcast)

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Episode 38

Witchcraft intrigues us and captures our imagination. The concept is steeped in history, and the practice is shrouded in magick and the mystical. Even so, many have no idea how this ancient practice has translated into the modern day. In fact, most don’t even realize that it exists in modern day, and that witches are in their midst within everyday life. Witchcraft, through all it’s incarnations in our pop culture, is explored through stories. Movies, television, books and other media all use witches are often used as character reflections for ourselves, and our desire to influence and control the chaos around us. Ultimate it’s left to personal interpretation and impact. Still, as much as we surround ourselves with the imagery, most of us have little, if any, understanding of the witches that live next door. You probably don’t even realize they do, because they do not fit the mold of expectation. 

But modern witches are just modern people. They grew up in regular households. They face daily challenges. They have degrees in Psychology and deal with a commute to work, and find time to get their cats to the veterinarian….and that is exactly who our guest is on this episode.

This time I am joined by a Wiccan Priestess named Ashley, who also hosts the amazing podcast “Seeking Witchcraft”. Ashley has joined this discussion to introduce us to the modern concepts of witchcraft and the Wiccan religion, and share with us a bit of her story that began this journey of exploration and adherence to a modern “pagan” religion that is born of ancient beliefs and understanding. 

This is not our usual research driven episode. It’s a story. Witchcraft is a personal journey for it’s practitioners. Even when covens are formed such as those of the various Wiccan traditions, initiates are guided by the experienced members and encouraged to explore their own understandings. On Seeking Witchcraft, Ashley takes her listeners through her personal understandings of Wicca and witchcraft, introducing tools, concepts, rituals and practices that she has found beneficial and effective, while also not being afraid to bring in guests to explore topics that she is still exploring as well. 


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