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So here it is, the Season 7 announcement. Season 6 is over and we had a great time over the last year; this reasonably rambly and emotive mini-episode is all about what has been going on in the last year with me, the show, and other TCG related business. I talk about being burned out at the start of the year; the crazy recording schedule over the summer; moving out of our home; and the future including TCGTV stuff. Its a bit long but it says everything I need to say and answers a Lot of the questions you have been asking. If you’re not interested in any of the business/industry stuff and you just want conspiracy theories and dick jokes, then probably give this one a miss!

Thank you all for listening to the show! I have an amazing life because of you and I don’t say that enough! I can wait to make more amazing thing with these awesome people and share it with you!


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