Extraterrestrial: The Podcast

Hosted ByBecky Sabetta

When Charlie Hart's junior year starts, she has two goals in mind: she's going to keep learning about aliens, and she's going to actually make a friend. When popular boy Oliver Webb makes her an offer she can't refuse, she realizes that her year is going to be far more exciting than she thought.

Meanwhile, a young alien named Codix has been living on Earth the past two years with his robot best friend. They've gotten used to hiding among humans. But complacency can make you unprepared, and Codix quickly discovers that his year isn't going to be anything like he imagined.

Extraterrestrial: The Podcast is a story about a story about secrets, unusual friendships and what happens when a strange shooting star is actually an alien spaceship.

Season 1, Episode 6: Harper Byrd

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Harper visits the local library and stumbles onto a lonely Charlie Hart.

Codix worries about being discovered and does something risky.

Harper Byrd – Alley Winters
Charlie Hart – Becky Sabetta
Codix – Benedikt Pavlovsky

Written and produced by Becky Sabetta. All music in this episode is also by Becky Sabetta. The sound effects in this episode are courtesy of the following groups in the order that they’re mentioned: ZapSplat, PMSFX and Glitchedtones.

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