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A podcast about the world of the Western Esoteric Tradition – Occult-Magic-Mysticism-Paranormal

Season 1-Episode 2 – PT Mistlberger

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Vancouver-based Canadian author, born and raised in Montreal, esotericist and transpersonal psychologist PT Mistlberger is Rudolf’s guest on this new episode. Phil first introduces the listeners to his esoteric background, when as a young man he came across the teachings of Gurdijeff, Ouspensky and Osho. From there he developed a great interest in Eastern and Western teachings, which in the end brought him to his profession as a transpersonal psychologist.
In this very deep and personal talk he tells us interesting points about the psychology of Alchemy and the Kabbalah, about the Left Hand Path, about the problem of disconnection between the Esoteric world and psychology, about the risk of ego-inflation and antinomination. Then he gives us an insight in his books, in the history and his personal work in men’s groups, and he even tells us what the 4th and the 6th chakras have to do with the porn industry. A really captivating hour.
Also check out his three websites (links below), which contain a treasure of information.

Show Notes and Links

Links and interesting info
PT Mistlberger on the Web: Personal WebsiteThe Samurai Brotherhood
Information on people mentioned in the interview (Wikipedia): George I. Gurdjieff P.D. Ouspensky  Osho (Rajneesh)

Music played
Intro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Think of the Day

Corvus Corax – from the CD “Sverker”: Lá í mBealtaine
Corvus Corax – from the CD “Sverker”: Sverker
Corvus Corax – from the CD “Venus Vina Musica”: Qui nous demaine

Outro Music: Wendy Rule – from the CD “Deity”: Night Sea Journey

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