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Cryptic is an audio drama. Cole and Julie Kurtz, a brother-sister team investigate cryptid sightings in their home state of Ohio. Oh, by the way, all of these legends are true!

Season 1 Ep. 5 Home

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Season 1 Ep. 5.0 “Home”Originally released: Dec 18, 2019

While Cole is off checking into a sighting in Chillicothe, Julie fields a message from a fan. Fran has witnessed some strange goings on in Akron and convinces Julie to go with her to check it out. 

Disclaimer: Today’s adventure gets the best of Julie, and she turns to unhealthy means in order to attempt to cope with the events of the day. She drinks. A lot. The creative team at Crooked Path Productions does not condone such behavior. If you struggle with addiction, please find the help you need. We recommend AA. Thanks for listening!

Cryptic is Presented by Crooked Path Productions

Produced and Directed by Jeremiah Isley Written by Adam Hoffman Music by Cory Heddleston & Benjamin Payne Editing, Sound Design, and Foley by Jeremiah Isley

Executive Producer Jeremy Snead


Joshua Isley as Cole Kurtz Kristin Larsen as Julie Kurtz DJ Remark as Chuck Julie Holiday as Fran Lewis and Jennifer Isley as the Watiress

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