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Have you ever read a story online and been like “Crap, I shouldn't have read that at night” or read a story online even during the day and just been like “That's creepy.” We've stumbled upon true and not true stories that are just terrifying. Those are the ones we are sharing today. Come along with us as we dive deep into terrifying things kids have said to the babysitter, horrifying stories that have made their way into the news, and an elevator game that could take you to another world. All the stories are super creepy and I highly suggest not listen to this episode late at night! 

DISCLAIMER:  In this episode, we talk about an elevator game. It's spooky and creepy as it can get. We are not encouraging ANYONE to try this, because it honestly sounds terrifying. So here's the disclaimer. We highly recommend not going out and doing this. 

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