Scaredy Cats

Hosted ByThomas J. Sotvedt and Vicki Sotvedt

(EXPLICIT) On Scaredy Cats we take a look at horror movies and break them down for your ears from the perspective of a horror veteran and a scaredy cat who has avoided watching them her whole life. We cover everything on the spectrum from horrifying works of art to b-movies so bad they're good. We hope you enjoy hearing us break these movies down and remember to always be cool to each other.

Scaredy Cats Episode 21: Child’s Play (1988)

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What’s scarier then spooky dolls? Spooky dolls voiced by Brad Dourif of course! On Today’s episode we look at the horror movie that started me on my lifelong obsession: Child’s Play. Perhaps by listening to this episode you’ll become obsessed too! Then we can be obsessed together! Yay! 

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