SC EP:946 I Could See The Wrinkles In Its Face

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Pat writes “On my bachelor party, Friday the 13 august 2021 after we all were drinking, a Bigfoot stormed through our camp and growling and stomping in an absolute territorial display.

It was probably more like the early hours of the 14th. This f—-r was stomping and growling At the same time. I could feel the growling and feel the stomping as well as hearing the stomping and growling! This was at the same time. Initially I thought it was my friend who was notoriously known for screwing with people, so when I got up I said out loud, “Grant, what the f–k are you doing?!” Then I heard a quick shuffle.

I saw movement above my head….. I have to go back. I have a giant Costco tent. Its more like a barn than a tent. We didn’t have the rain fly on it because this is august. Thought it was raining, but it’s rocks. Before the growling. I’m sorry it’s all scrambled. However, after I thought it was my friend and I yelled out, I saw out of the corner of my eye through the top of the tent was a face.

This face was larger than a five gallon bucket. It was quicker than a moment. This f—-r was looking down at me, and when I saw it, it was shocked I saw it. So, it looked at me and lurched backwards like it was scared. BUT, as it moved back it’s face changed from shock to absolute pissed off something fierce where I could see the wrinkles in its face.

Before it yelled and growled down at me like I can’t explain In text. I saw it’s teeth. It’s nose. Hair line. There is so much more to this story, but I saw it’s teeth, face, wrinkles in the forehead. I can’t sleep. This is why I’m emailing you this late because I’m tired of being sick and tired.”

Here is the image Pat sent me that was close to what he saw. Pat writes “It kind of looked like this only its teeth were clenched together with a taller forehead and darker but greasy looking skin”