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Tracey writes “As a young person I grew up in Northern Oklahoma, My Grandfather owned property that butted up against the Cow Creek water sheds. To provide location it was about 30 minutes from Ponca, 15 Minutes from Pawnee and 15 Minutes from Red Rock.

Lake McMurty was about 30 minutes away in the opposite direction from Red Rock. At one point he owned 500 Acres or basically a square mile. Over time he had sold the property off down to 125 acres or what is referred to as a Quarter. The property had 2 good Sized Ponds on it and a Natural Spring that constantly ran towards the water shed with crystal clear water. No One was allowed to hunt on his property, and no one did. He Purchased the land around 1942 or 43. He raised cattle, pigs, Quarter Horses and Welch Shetland Ponies, goats etc… virtually anything he could sell ac the Stillwater Auctions. In the Early 80’s he sold off the property.

My First encounter was with my brother I was 10 and he was just about to turn 12, we were fishing at a neighbors pond with my dad and sister, my brother nor I was catching anything so we went snake hunting for ring necks and Horned Toads, as we were looking at the ground my brother said to me did you see that tree fall, I heard a dirt slide and my brother said lets go look as he thought he had witnessed an erosion event of a tree falling into a small crevasse from the edge of it, He ran over to the place where it fell, about 50 feet from where we were, screamed and told me to run as we were running back towards the pond, the tree, now looking like a bigfoot was running the opposite direction.