SC EP:901 The New Hampshire Incident

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Andrew writes “Hey Wes, wanted to reach out to you about a situation I found myself in this morning about 3 am eastern time.

I live in the south western part of New Hampshire and last night/ this morning we walked into the woods to a spot I wanted to show him. On our way out to this location which is about a half mile up a rail trail along side a big pond, we made sure to be noisy to alert any black bear that may be around. We made it to the spot which turns into a peninsula surrounded by water. We made sure there were no animals or anything in this little peninsula and walked in. We were quickly closed in by two things that sounded to be bipedal and heavy footed. We had a very bad feeling so we loudly yelled “ okay we are leaving”. As we approached the rail trail, the sound of those two things on either side of us run across the trail into the woods across the way. We made it to the trail and walked back toward the car but this whole time, we could hear one of them walking along side us in the tree line. This is where it gets even more strange. Two doe about 100 feet ahead of us hop out of the woods and wait for us on the trail and walked out with us as this thing was still along side us.”