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Will writes “A childhood friend and I were scouting places to conceal a turkey blind in a very inaccessible location in northwest Alabama.

Having taken a 4 wheel drive in, then unloading 4 wheelers, and then again having to abandon those to walk where we wanted to be gives you an idea how deep we decided to go. Approximately 2 miles in on foot a large rock landed directly between my friend and I.

We both looked at each other thinking the same thing, someone is messing with us. However the we also thought the other unnerving thing, no one knows we’re here and no one is anywhere close. Approximately 30 minutes later and about another mile in I caught the second rock in mid air out of my periphery before it hit.

I immediately turned my head in the direction I thought it came and there that big bastard was. Only 70-80 feet away, no more than 30 yards.”