SC EP:744 Father And Son Encounter Sasquatch

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A listener writes “Because of my interest in Bigfoot my wife and kids like to rib me quite a bit about it. And because we lived in Nevada for the last 18 years (although in the process of moving to Idaho), I assumed there would be no chance of my ever coming across one anytime soon since I had not really heard of any sightings in Nevada.

So in mid-April of this year (2020) my 19 year old son, Dylan was driving my truck home alone from his friend’s house and came running in the house at about 11:40 pm and yells “Dad! I just saw a bigfoot or something outside the gates to our development- I swear!” Well I found that hard to believe, but since I do love all things bigfoot I decided to at least take a look.”

The father went out but did not see the creature at the time, although he would later see the creature.