SC EP:740 Hide And Seek Champion

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Darvill said “18 years ago, I was in the Uinta Mountains. We were hunting and having fun. I remember seeing this big guy dressed in all brown. I thought he had on a brown sweatshirt and sweatpants. I watched him more and thought someone was dressed in a bigfoot suit.

While hunting you yell at each other in a whoop or woo sound just to say I am over here. I made that sound and this thing jumped behind a tree. It happen so fast. I did not think at the time how impossible it was.

Confused I sat there waiting for him to come out. I finally decided I was going to walk towards the tree. As soon as I did this thing took off. It was not a man, it was something I had never seen before.”

I will also be speaking to Jeff. Jeff had an encounter with a white creature when he was young. Jeff said it was strange I didn’t know anything about Bigfoot. I had no idea it was in the Ozark Mountains.