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Tonight I will be speaking to three eyewitnesses. My first guest Carl comes to us from Ohio, and he shares with us an encounter he had as a child outside their rural Ohio home.


Our second guest Scott (also from Ohio) writes, “”My encounter took place in the fall of 1983 or 1984. Me and a friend were coming back from getting Pizza around 6:30 at night as you know in the fall the sun goes down early so it was quite dark along this stretch of road. This road was 2 lanes with a 3-foot berm that was 2 or 3 feet lower than the fields beside the road. we were coming around a corner and we saw a dark mass standing on the side of the road. When we got closer we could see it was brown and very tall, my friend had a Subaru that had a sunroof in it and when we drove by it looked down at us it’s head was over the road and I look through the sunroof and its head was right there. I couldn’t make out any facial features but the eye shine was red. We just looked at each other and said did you just see that we both agreed we did and agreed not to say anything about it. Because people would think we were crazy.


I did go back to the location the next morning and looked around but I didn’t see any tracks just some mashed down grass.


Judging from the distance from the road it had to be a least 9 and a half to 10 feet tall”


We’ll wrap up tonight with Jason from Upstate New York who shares a few encounters, including a strange object in the sky.


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