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A listener writes “Hello Wes, been listening to your show for sometime, and in your shows about weapons and how the Sasquatches didn’t care much for them. We (Seal Team Three Alpha Platoon ) had a training exercise at Fort Lewis. Night land navigation with just a compass protractor and map with no weapons. Army SF made it sure we had no weapons, but they warned about Sasquatches, thought just to Psyhopp. US. so THE Patrolling was interesting say the least.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I recall several times I was being stalked and followed and there is no way this was a man but it was on two feet. Myself and other team members heard them communicating on many occasions. It was strange, it was like everyone on the base knew about these things or had some sort of run in with them. I never got a chance to see it but I was followed and stalked several times and this thing moved like lightning, so smooth.”

I have some updates and some exciting news. Tony Merkel from the Confessionals Podcast will be joining me and sharing his UFO encounter. Also KC from Sasquatch Chronicles will stop by and say hi. I will play a clip from my interview with Les Stroud where he shares his encounter with a UFO in the sky,