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A listener from Kansas writes “I lived in lenexa ks. in the 70’s and 80’s I was about 10 to 12 years old. I used to walk in the woods around my house all the time by myself.

I was outside of my house I cannot remember exactly what I was doing at the time.. I just remember seeing something looking at me from behind a bush.. I thought it was some of the kids in the neighborhood playing.

I had a football in my hand and threw it at the bush and screamed I see you.. it or they ran away …The same night later was very interesting.. as I was visited by I don’t know if it was a male or female protecting what I now know as the young one I threw the ball at…I was sleeping…I always for some reason was freaked out sleeping in that room because I always felt watched.

So I slept on the floor close to the window…I was awaken by something looking dead at me in the window it scared the crap out of me. I didn’t know what I had seen I just know it was something I had never seen before.

The next day I found all kinds of prints in the yard around the front window in the back yard around the tomato plants. A few nights later I was under the feeling I was being watched I turned off all the lights in the room when I looked outside I couldn’t see anything but I could hear the hard steps in the yard.

The next door neighbor had a flood light in the driveway that lit a tree in the yard it was a very large old tree I don’t know what kind it was. When I looked out the window I heard a loud Growl then i saw a large branch on the tree get snapped right off.

I ran to my mothers room and told her something is out there. She called the police they came and nothing was found…I can also recall getting up in the mornings in the summer and hearing this weird howling that made my hair stand up. I didn’t know what it was I thought it was a dog.

I would shout at 4:30 in the morning to shut up. I didn’t understand until now what I had seen and been dealing with in my friends yard down the street there was several crab apple trees, neighbors in the area had fruit trees and also gardens.

One winter we had a snow day and were snow ball fighting in his yard. When we discovered prints in the snow we followed then around his yard to the point where it walked over a chain link fence in stride one side of the fence had left foot over the fence and the right foot was on the side of the fence were were on. We followed it around under a bush they had separating his yard with the neighbors yard. there was a kinda cave inside the bush where we used to hide from each other…it had been in the bush…how scary….I can imagine it used to be in there times when that family came home from where ever..I know now that this Creature is out there every time I talk about this i get goose bumps.

I can also remember putting foil up in the front door window…because I was sick really sick.. so I was sleeping down stairs on the couch, I remember seeing what I thought was a face looking at me in the window… it wasn’t stationary… it walked across the steps and down them or over the rail…I told my mother I saw a face in the window…

This haunts me to this day.”