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Ronny writes “I’ve been listening to you for about a month now and I was curious if you were interested in hearing about a close Sasquatch encounter that my wife and I had.”

I spoke to Ronny and he has agreed to come on the show. The witness describes a creature approaching a van him and his wife were sitting in after pulling into the driveway. They lived out in the country and his wife had seen a “large man” run across the driveway. The creature approached the van screaming and mumbling. The creature started to rock the van. The witness said that his father came out of the home and fired off a shotgun and started yelling at the creature. The creature finally took off but it did not leave for the night as they would soon find out.

I will also be speaking with Shane. Shane was out with his family when his wife and young son saw the creature cross the path in front of them. Shane said his son was ahead of his mother on the trail and as he approached she turned to look at him and that’s when this creature stood up and walked right in front of the son. As the mother turned around she got a glimpse of it going into the bushes.