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Brenda Harris is a Native American born in Shiprock, New Mexico and raised in Farmington New Mexico. She has lived on the reservation in Upper Fruitland, NM since 1986. Brenda is married with three grown kids and works on the farm.

She has been looking into Sasquatch activity since she was a teen going into the early 90’s. In 2012 they started their own team NM Shadow Seekers with the help of Jon Lee, William Woodall, Ryan Harris, Vincent Lujan, Hoyt Velarde. Brenda has been on several radio shows and TV shows Monster and Mysterious and Finding Bigfoot show.

Brenda’s goal is to inform the people of what’s out there and take extra precautions to avoid unwanted encounters.

Tonight Brenda will discuss a case her and her team investigated regarding a family’s horse being antagonized and injured by a possible Bigfoot.