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A listener writes, “It was getting dark and grandma was cleaning up dinner and she called us to stop playing and come in close to the camper-trailer. Grandpa came running around the truck and he was screaming and yelling for us to get in side. Grandpa was moving fast, I have never seen him move like that before. He ran into the camper came out with his shotgun, and he jumped out of the camper, cocked his gun, screamed to my Grandma to get us in the camper, and lock the door. I do believe Grandma saw what Grandpa was yelling about. She garbed us and threw us in the camper then put us in the back of the camper on the top bunk and covered us up with a blanket. well that is where the screaming came in because what ever it was it grabbed our camper right where me and my sister were and it was screaming and we were screaming. It was only inches from us but above us and we could hear it screaming in our chest, we stayed under the blanket. It started to push us over or push us into the lake. The camper started to move forward as it was rocking back and forth and it was grandpa driving us out of there and saving us. I do believe it was trying to hold on the the camper as we pulled away. Grandpa was driving quite fast to get out of the area. It took for ever to get out of there it was a long dirt road. When we got to the small store He got out called for help and Grandpa told the men that were there what had happened to us and he showed them the camper and the two hand prints where it was hanging on to us as we pulled away. we left everything there grandma did not want to go back and get our stuff we just went home.”